Company Timeline

For over 25 years, Comstar has been providing creative and resourceful solutions to independent minded networking professionals.  Our industry leading 802.11o2tb certified refurbished wireless equpment enables users to select the options that fit their network and budget.


2004 - Present
  • Wireless.  802.11.  Cisco and Aruba.
  • Starting with PCMCIA cards, rubber duckies, and the original 350 series, Comstar has helped thousands of users move through the ever-changing 802.11 standards.
  • Cisco Memory upgrades.
  • Comstar pioneers Cisco approved memory features, helping users save millions as they rush to upgrade their core and access routers to Y2K-proof code (IOS 11.2).
  • The Internet and Routers.  Cisco and Wellfleet.
  • Comstar is the first company in the market to provide refurbished Cisco AGS and MGS Router features to ISP's and enterprise customers.
  • Hubs, CAU's and LAM's.  Synoptics, Cabletron, IBM & Chipcom.
  • Comstar provides line cards and trade ins to help users navigate the changing LAN standards.
  • 802.5 and 802.3 (Token Ring and Ethernet Cards).  The LAN takes off.  IBM, SMC, DCA, Proteon & Novell.
  • Comstar is there to help users connect their PCs with either token ring, ethernet, or 3270 emulation cards.
  • 3270 Networks - IBM Mainframe Centric networks.  IBM, IIT Courier & Memorex/Telex 3270 terminals.  
  • Comstar is founded as a provider of refurbished 3270 Terminals and repair services to enterprise customers and third party maintenance companies..